Humanity in Healthcare: The Patient, Provider and Technologist Stories

At its core, healthcare is about one thing: treating and healing people. Too often, that mission gets lost in a sea of paperwork, complicated systems and workflows, and overworked providers. Rather than viewing the hospital or doctor’s office as a safe haven, for too many patients, the healthcare system evokes thoughts of annoyances, fears, inconveniences, even judgment. With a complicated care process and even more complicated billing, for many, the difficulties of just receiving care outweigh the benefits of care itself. Similarly, for providers and caregivers, healthcare news focuses on the operational and clinical challenges, regulations and reimbursements, and statistics about costs and risks. These conversations stifle the underpinnings of what care is about: the people seeking help, those working to provide it, and those aiming to empower successful care. So, how do we bring back the humanity in healthcare?

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